Getting Licensed by BSIS

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The following are the 3 steps required to get a California State Guard Card. Make sure to read through all three steps
before starting the first step:

Take the CA State Required Guard Card Class:

  1. Study and take the Power To Arrest Training (POA) start the 8-hour Guard Card Class and complete with 100% final score.
  2. Pay the class fee forfor the 8-hour Guard Card Course.
  3. Receive your certificate when you complete the Class.


Get Fingerprinted at a Live Scan Location:

  1. Find a Live Scan location in your area. There are a LOT of Live Scan locations and they all charge different prices. We recommend calling around to get the best price. The state and federal fee is $49, but the Live Scan operator also charges what is called a "Rolling Fee", and that is typically around $20, sometimes more, sometimes less.
  2. Obtain the Live Scan security guard form from the BSIS: Click Here to download the Live Scan security guard form.

    IMPORTANT: If the link to that form does not work for you, you can get the Live Scan forms directly from the state website at:
  3. Complete the form.
    NOTE: There are a lot of fields in the form you don't need to fill out. Fill out only the information you know about yourself. If you are not working, leave the Employer fields empty. Also the SOC field is for your Social Security Number. Leave all other fields blank.
  4. Go to the Live Scan location with your Live Scan security guard form and get fingerprinted. They will give you a copy of the form with your Live Scan ATI number. You need that number to complete step 3.


Complete the CA State Security Guard Application:

Please read through all these steps, and the note below, before starting this process, so that you understand it completely before you begin:

Important: Make sure you have completed step 2 and finished the fingerprinting process before beginning this step.

  1. Go to the CA State Department of Consumer Affairs website at: CA State Breeze Online License Application System to submit the online CA State Security Guard Application. On that page, you need to click the link that says New Users - Breeze Registration on the lower right side of the page.
  2. Create an account within their system, and then login to the account, and follow the online instructions.
  3. Make sure to use the info listed on your training certificate (Instructor's name, Training Facility License Number, and training certificate serial number) when filling out the state's online form.
    NOTE The state no longer asks for any information about your fingerprints in this application, they look that up automatically using your social security number.


Once you have submitted the online state application in step 3, it will take the state about 7-21 business days to process your application on average. Note that if you have anything on your criminal record, outside of standard traffic violations, it will take the state 4-12 weeks to process.